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Welcome and Thank You for visiting Miggy Moo Designs of Southend-on-Sea.

Whilst Miggy Moo is a new brand name I (Karen Townsend) have been painting and drawing for many years.


I have always loved art, so when my children got older I started practising Fine-Art and Surrealism at home. Initially using oil-paint on canvas and sold many paintings locally to friends and family. One of my paintings was catalogued by The Tate Britain Art Gallery of London (although not exhibited)

I then found myself enchanted by watercolour paint and pencil, due to its speed and pliability, so practised at home and eventually settled on mixed media to produce my work.


 A couple of years ago it was suggested that I could share some of my best artwork, printed on different apparel, including T-shirts, Tote-bags and various accessories and that is where I am now! Building a small local business that I feel very proud of.

What do I offer?

Original designs (many Southend based) some cute, humour (including satire) or environmentally inspired.

As a relatively new venture I am still working on some elements i.e. the most cost effective way to produce quality items at £20 or under.

How do I keep the costs low? by printing them myself and sourcing carefully, my suppliers.

If you are lucky enough to live in locally to Southend all gifts are delivered free! 

If you live in the UK All orders further afield are £5 Delivery charge

About The Image

Just a Rossi Moment is a watercolour pencil and ink drawing that I am proud to say Rossi Ice-cream have given me permission to use there name in conjunction with this specific design, something I am very proud of and I wear this T-shirt design often. This and most of my artwork & designs are available on Miggy Moo Designs memorabilia.


Oscar xxx

My newest completed artwork of a most beautiful Boxer Dog, who I used to walk quite often.

Ink, Pencil and Watercolour on quality paper 300grmms.